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Apical is a leader and innovator within the medical device industry and can streamline the process for your biotechnology needs. We can handle any task from inception to completion.
Apical is a leader and innovator in the medical device industry that streamlines your biotechnology and semiconductor needs.
Proof of Concept
We can review your preliminary/conceptual design and establish the timeline, feasibility, and completion of your product within your expectations and goals.
From start to finish, we work with your concept to bring an idea into reality. Delivering a quality finished product meeting your specifications.
Product Development
Our Design Control Process meets ISO 13485 and the FDA Quality System Regulations. Our expertise and Quality System ensures timely delivery of your product.
Our design team's verification/validation expertise ensures compliance to FDA and International Standards.
In addition to bringing your ideas from concept to reality, we house our own facility where we manufacture your device and ship out on a timely and regular basis, meeting all quality requirements.
Dr. Bruno Strul
Dr. Strul's extensive experience within the Medical Device community includes overseeing as an adviser, chairman, and mentor.
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